They might well surprise you
They might well shock you
They might well even offend you
But one thing is guaranteed...
They most definitely will have you laughing till you cry...

Straight from the warning on the first page and the glossary on the next, I was in stitches, and that was before section (or "Sexion" in Ben's mad world!!) one had even began.

Then the lucky reader is granted an insight into the lives of Big Ben Shaw and his friends, a motley group of men with just one thing on their minds..

Ben himself is very womans dream, handsome, charming, sexually fantastic.. Although he should be someone us mere mortal males despise, you don't. You just want to be him!

The IPHC has members such as Bell End Boy, Tripod, Brigadier Hardcastle (I think you get the idea!) to name but a few, their stories, though each one different, are all hilarious. (Oh to be a customs official when Little Lennie is returning from Amsterdam .. I literally laughed until it hurt !)

You can imagine the chaos when they all meet up for the AGM of the IPHC..!

There is also a slightly more serious side as the last chapter introduces us to the rather strange "Guru of Greytown"..The rather mysterious character with good advice to give us all.

To summarize if you are looking for a bloody good laugh, with some seriously good stories and pretty explicit sexual scenarios then this is the only book for you..(Have taken a few bedroom tips from Ben myself, the wife is definatley happy!)

Read it, immerse yourself in it, and secretly wish that you were a signed up member of the IPHC!


This is certainly NOT gloomy, dreary Solzhenitsyn.

However it does bring back memories from the carefree days of James michener's "The Drifters". (If you see a beautiful girl in Torremolinos before noon - don't pick her up. Because if she is so god damn beautiful, what the hell is she doing out of bed before noon ?")

Also indeed the erotic times of Henry Miller.

The Intellectual, and superbly expressed, humour can be traced right back to Mark Twain.

This book is awesome, outstanding, humourous - and to my knowledge the first of its kind.

As a bonus you do receive some serious, well proven and important advice on how to be "Fit for Life" and "Fit to F**k".

Read it!

Yours sincerely
Lover of life

Claus M

Hello Ben,

Thanks for the book. Although I have to say that it's not helping my situation at all! As you well know from our recent conversation my husband suffers from a permanent hard on, I thought your book would be a welcome distraction but I seem to have shot myself well and truly in the foot.

Kind regards
"Mrs Rabbit" x

Read all about this Mad Mad World of the IPH club. What a crowd of Shaggers. You could not trust one of them, even with Grandma. They're completely wild, sex obsessed and Nuts. You get to know all about the different members of this scandalous club as you read into their sexual encounters. Some you laugh at some you're even shocked by what the guys get upto "Emphasis on the up".

They somehow start to grow on you and become real characters so welcome to the club. Lets go and have some fun.

Michael D
On the waiting list
for membership IPHC
Hi Madeline

I had Penny over Friday night.
The last time she came over a few weeks ago, I introduced her to the book. And made her read it.
This Fri, she asked to read some more of it. It was so funny listening to her read out all those naughty bits I was in stitches. Which was throughly enjoyabubble. Especially with a few drinkies in us!
I hope you had a lovely holiday. Glad to know you are back.
Love Lilly xxx
Hi Madeline
I'm Lilly's bessy mate. She has just made me read several chapters of Ben's latest novel - goto say I love it!!!!!! tutty bye for now :)
love the book !!!!!! in appreciation of Bell End Boy, Ferret and Stuporman!!!!!!


I would like to introduce you to one of my valued repeating guests at the Hotel.
He wrote and published the most hilarious (sex) book "FIT TO F**K" featuring the International Pussy Hunters Club (IPHC).
It is real FUN. Actually you could be a member :-)
The Guru is now a youtube legend!!!!

I've at long last remembered to e-mail you a couple of pics...

Hope you're well. And the boys are loving Fit to F...

KC Professional Cricketer

I am just creased. Can I have another five copies. Those stories are just a crease Man. They are great. Well done.  SL."
" I received the book on Thursday. The Canadians would say it is absolutely AWESOME! I think the stories are sensational. Chris M."
I've re-commenced reading your book and "lovin" it!! You're not just a pretty face are you? ha ha !!!  Toya D"
"Ben, I must say the book I think is an absolute " masterpiece. "  I took nearly an hour to read and complete "Little Lennie", I could only just see through my tears.
Many, many thanks Ben for the pure entertainment, see you soon.
Kind regards G"
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