No, it was not good. Jabba's alcoholic haze evaporated instantaneously. He suddenly saw his situation with stunning clarity. And he didn't need the traditional crystal ball to see there could be dire consequences to all of this.


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Lucita made opening and loading the condom an act of erotic artistry and then she lifted her hips and raising his penis lowered herself very deliberately over the engorged head of his Danish devil.


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spacer The night was warm, the sand was cool and their passion was red hot. As Ben entered her special place, drawn in by her strong embrace he was caught up in the rhythm of her sex. Her hips were rolling like a turning wave whispering on the shoreline beyond them. She was writhing slowly beneath him 175


Stupe dropped his pants. He sat down, rolled onto his huge back, put his feet into the air and waited, rolling gently like an upended turtle. He didn't have to wait long, things were happening. His arse was like "Old Faithful", blowing off all the time. Conditions were perfect for detonation. He lit a match.


"Now," he said

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"Good God," the Brigadier was evaluating this fresh assault. "He looks like a monkey fucking a football."

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The heat. It was getting moister. But the heat it was fantastic. Ali's mouth searched out Ben's. Her lips were soft and parted slightly. He responded. She ground her pussy against his hand and groaned.



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He half turned and said just a matter of fact as could be, "oh yes, I was tickling the old backdoor a couple of nights ago. I love a little backdoor banditry."

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"You love to ride your horse bareback,
To school it wild and free.
But most of all I like to ride
With you and a packet of three"

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"My turn." She hitched up her dress, turned around and draped herself over the bonnet of a blue Ford saloon. He was presented with a pair of pallid buttocks, a puckered past its best "brownie" and her drooping less than pert pussy set between leathery labia.

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The only one of them though Lennie actually disliked was G Spot. He was smug, callous, officious, gross and vulgar - in no particular order. He was predatorial in his pursuit of the proverbial pussy and he was highly successful. He had so many regular women on the go at one time that he kept two washing machines and four duvet sets in his apartment. No whiff of conflicting cosmetic evidence was ever detected by the current occupant of his extremely busy bed. He used to brag that he had commissioned a mattress with reinforced springs!!. page 228

A bellowing guffaw, a head back, unselfconscious, rip roaring rollicking, for rude read really dirty, laugh announced the arrival of Bell End Boy. Big Bell, 6ft 4in, 19 stone, huge and horny, his first class rugby days behind him but his tackle still out in front of him, and he was always on the lookout for any female orifice in which to park his pork sword.
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A little matter of ABH, well it was insignificant by Gunner's standards until, that is, he had asked the magistrate if she would be so kind as to take eight other offences into consideration.

This might not have helped Gunner's Brief when he had asked for the previous good character of his client to be weighed against the offence. There was laughter in the public gallery, but that was cut short abruptly when the menacing eyes of the accused met those of the mistakenly amused.
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usually had a tad too much to drink as well. So while he was losing the use of his legs, Chief Shagger

could be parting Amanda's pins and lining his dart up for the bull's eye. Chief Shagger

was always mixing his metaphors. He reached down and adjusted the swelling in his pants. ixing his metaphors. He reached down and

Mmmmm, lovely!

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