"Fit to Fuck" is dedicated to sexually mature women everywhere, but to eagerly hetrosexual women in particular. Bi-girls rarely and gay girls never
feature in the carnal cosmos of Big Ben Shaw but nevertheless, of course, he wishes them all the best or TMFF*.

The women alluded to in the book neither exist as complete entities, nor are they entirely invented. Each one of them possesses characteristics of
women Ben has known. The ladies exist with maybe a touch of imagination, a slight flight of fantasy. But each, in their own way, has been a source

of inspiration.

So obviously their names and descriptions are entirely fictitious in order to provide complete anonymity for these ladies, and to protect their innocence.
Thank you to all of them.

The men in this book on the other hand:

"Ben's Friends" (BFs)

"The Magnificient Seven"

"The First Eleven"

"The Backdoor Boys"

"The Jiggermen"

and "The Wannabe Bad Boys"

are all, or have been, real, living, breathing, larger than life, completely outrageous, always entertaining and sometimes truly appallingly behaved males. Their ages range from the 20s into the 70s.


Their names, identities and details have changed, not to protect their innocence, but simply to save their families and sensitive friends from the acute embarrassment of any association with the woeful behaviour and even reputations of those guilty as charged.


So while each of them is heavily disguised, all of their escapades, recorded experiences and quotations are rock solidly factual - guaranteed!! Trust me!!

Little Lennie looked up as Stuporman growled. "hope you gave him a good smack Gunner."


He shuddered inwardly recalling the time he had gone home with Stuporman's sister after a few drinks one night. If

he hadn't been drinking, Lennie would certainly not have been bold enough to accompany Stella to Stuporman's home.

Stella had always thought Little Lennie was rather cute and quite fanciable in a sensitive sort of way. He was certainly

the complete antithesis of her brother, Stuporman - the utter nutter!


When Stella suggested, then insisted, they go home Lennie wasn't quite so sure. He imagined the slumbering giant, the

snoring Stuporman stretched out massively upstairs getting part of the twelve hours sleep he needed each day to cope

with the enormous weights he handled, the prodigious amounts of food he ingested and those frightening performance

enhancing, fuel converting, mass building, mood altering drugs he obviously never took. Well anyway people didn't talk

about them!


Eventually Lennie agreed, "Stupe won't be around Stella - promise?"


"Oh no Len, he'll be fast asleep. Nothing wakes him up."


So Lennie agreed. They got home, settled down on the sofa in the lounge. One thing led to another, things got close

and comfortable. They passed happily through the kissing and cuddling, feeling and fondling stages to the point where

magically, Lennie's cock was suddenly in Stella's generous mouth. Lennie was staggered, but then of course the
whole episode was out of his hands because Stella was orchestrating this performance. The last time this had

happened to Lennie he'd paid for it. In fact, every time it had happened to Lennie before tonight he'd paid for it.


He was just getting used to the idea. His little cock was as proud as a pencil (a short one) and the sensations were out

of this world. They were exquiste. Her lips, her tongue, her saliva dribbling down his tool, the suction - oh, the suction.

He had only been in her mouth a moment but he was going to come. He started to moan, to groan, the volume was



Stella lifted her head. "Lennie," he was still moaning. "Lennie,`' she hissed, "be quiet. Don't let Stupe hear you. He'll

kill you if he knows what you're doing."


What I'm doing? thought Lennie. That was it. Poor Lennie. He started to panic. He wasn't going to carry on doing

something that was going to get him killed, even if she was exaggerating. The prospect of being pulverised by an

enraged Stuporman defending his sister's honour soon put the pursuit of pleasure into perspective. It was much too
high a price to pay.


He lost it. He went from proud to pointless, potent to powerless, virile to virtually invisible.
"Thank you Stella and goodnight."


Little Lennie didn't come .................... but he did go.