Fit to F**K is written by an unusual man, Ben Shaw - sportsman, ex-marine, banker, lothario and male escort. His nickname,
"Big Ben", tells us something about his greatest asset. His title, OVBE (Order of the Very Best Erection) gives us an insight
into his success with women. He is a crazy man.

Ben Shaw b. 01.04.1968

Ben Shaw was born on a farm and spent the early years of his life in rural Staffordshire.

From the time he could toddle he developed an early inclination towards independent activity.

He loved the farm, he loved being with animals. His father bred cattle. His mother had horses. There was always cats and dogs
around. He frequently went missing, but generally accompanied by the dogs. He never came to any harm. He learned to handle
horses really well and rode western style. He came back to these beautiful animals after befriending the Guru of Greyton, who
worked with problematic horses and could do quite astonishing things with them.

As Ben got older he took to camping out alone in remote corners of the farm and the countryside surrounding its boundaries.

He went to the village school, a little prep school, the local grammar school and then onto university in the Midlands.

Ben was an outgoing child, always popular. He had lots of friends. From the earliest years he was absolutely obsessed with the
opposite sex and mostly, of course, it was the sex that stoked his addictive enthusiasms.

After university he took a Commission with the Marines based at Lympstone in South Devon. He was pushed through a relentless
regime of fitness orientated activities which included assault courses, survival swimming, gym work, and he was "beasted"
through rivers, over moors and up mountains by Marine Commando Instructors.


Ben Shaw would always walk away from trouble. He never started a fight in his life - but he had finished a few. He carries a two
inch horizontal scar across his left cheekbone, the legacy of an unprovoked attack by a couple of drunks on a city centre Saturday
night. Two people ended up in hospital - Ben Shaw wasn't one of them!


He has always taken absolute responsibility for all his actions. He believes the most important thing in life is to be happy.
Material success without happiness - or health, is meaningless. It's not what you've got that's important, it's what you are.


If you're not happy you are no use to anyone - that means anyone, yourself or others. Life should be fun. It should be full of
laughter. There is always shit to deal with, but deal with it and move on. Don't dwell on the negative. Concentrate on the

positive. It's positives all the way with Ben. Can do. Will do - yes! No negative crap!

Ben Shaw loves women and sex. He always treats women with unfailing courtesy and consideration. Little things count -
like opening doors, taking coats, seating a lady in a restaurant. "Little things mean a lot."

Whenever he's with a woman his aim is to make her feel she's the most important person in the world. People like that level of
attention and attentiveness. Try it. It works. Ben Shaw has made it pay with hundreds and hundreds of women.

He is an accomplished conversationalist - which means he listens. He really listens when his companion is talking. He doesn't
interrupt. He asks intelligent questions, pays sincere compliments to his date and makes her laugh.

But he is building rapport and gradually establishing influence, even control. (See Section 3 in the book - TG* -
"Communication and Persuasion.")

Ben has the OVBE* The honour was not bestowed by Her Gracious Majesty, The Queen, but rather awarded to himself.
Not one of the women he has been intimately involved with has ever disputed his claim, any more than they would question
the legitimacy of his nickname - Big Ben.

He is the Founder and President of the IPHC* and told friend and fellow member Bell End Boy that his three favourite
activities are all riding - horses, waves and women.